Anyone who has been in the world of education for any significant amount of time knows that blanketed instruction, or teaching all students in the same way and expecting them all to learn the same thing, just doesn’t work. We also know, unfortunately, that providing individualized instruction for every student in a class, or even

As teachers begin to feel more comfortable working in an online learning environment in terms of tools, logistics and management, there are still a few sticking points that challenge along the way. One of the more pressing is the lack of connection with students. It may be true the rapport and familiarity of the face-to-face classroom may never be fully

Even before Salman Khan began recording videos in 2004 to support his cousin’s learning, which soon lead to the birth of the now-famous Khan Academy, the idea of ‘flipping the classroom’ was not new. Where students generally got information in class and then applied that information later on their own, by way of homework or projects for

Welcome back to a new semester and academic year! Without a doubt, we have come back to a lot of changes this fall, ranging in everything from how and when we and our students are on campus, to how we deliver our lessons, both practical and theoretical. We’ve even seen some changes with the technology

Padlet has been around for quite a while and though many teachers have been using it for years, many others are just hearing about it as we’ve entered a new era of online learning. Regardless of whether you have used Padlet before or not, or whether you’ve only used it from a student perspective, this great

Nearpod has long been a favourite of faculty who are looking to create and deliver engaging, interactive lessons for students in both face-to-face learning environments and, more increasingly these days, in online ones. Being able to create presentations that guide you and your learners through an entire lesson is made all the better when you

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