Educators are often on the lookout for professional development opportunities to keep relevant and help deliver effective and engaging lessons in a supportive, student-centred environment. For many of us, schools and institutions offer several PD options throughout the year or on an ongoing basis through dedicated training departments. Such opportunities blend well with the specific needs of a school

Today’s teachers have a number of tasks that were not necessarily part of their domain years ago. Often, one of those tasks is designing courses, which some teachers can find overwhelming. A few weeks ago, a faculty member asked for some guidance, saying, “I’m not an instructional designer; how am I supposed to know how to create

Microsoft Teams, which comes on board as part of our HCT Office 365 account, touts itself as a hub for teamwork and a tool that “brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files and work with business apps“. It’s a great soundbite to be sure, but what does it actually mean

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One topic that comes up often while discussing online learning is that of assessment. Creating and offering assessments that do not necessarily follow the traditional route has been a hot topic for years, and the increased prevalence of online learning has only served to fuel the fire. Do traditional assessments measure learning and skill development as well

Communities of Practice (CoPs), first outlined by Lave and Wenger in 1991 and explored more comprehensively by Wenger in the 1998 book Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning and Identity, is essentially a group of people who learn, grow and practice together, usually – but not always – in a professional way. You may already be

As you already know, every faculty member and student at HCT has an Office 365 account and what most of you already know is that each account has 1TB of storage space. You probably also know that you can share documents and work together on them with your colleagues, but there are also many ways to