Blended learning is a platform that combines the face-to-face learning with the online experience. Blended learning is being implemented in educational institutions because it is cost effective, time saving, and most importantly flexible as it provides an opportunity for students to learn independently. In Blended learning teacher is in one campus and students are in

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Students learn better when they are interacting with the learning subject; answering questions, playing a game or annotating and moving objects. So, here is a great tool to spice up your course. BookWidgets provides an effortless way to create interactive learning activities that can be used during the class or as formative assessments after the

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Up until recently, it has always been difficult to add review questions or discussion points directly into a video to give it a bit more interactivity for viewers. Generally, we posted a video and added questions underneath in Blackboard or in a separate quiz. A recent update from Microsoft now allows the linking of an

We have recently launched the Nearpod LTI tool in Blackboard, which means you can now launch a live or student-paced lesson directly from Blackboard. There is no need to share the Nearpod site link or lesson code with your students. Everything is done from within Blackboard and your students’ full names are automatically populated in the

Microsoft Teams, which comes on board as part of our HCT Office 365 account, touts itself as a hub for teamwork and a tool that “brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files and work with business apps“. It’s a great soundbite to be sure, but what does it actually mean

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