Do you need your students to brainstorm a project and submit it for your review? What about needing your students to work collaboratively on a math problem? Do you need to monitor your students’ work in real time while they are in their Breakout Rooms? The Collaborate Ultra Whiteboard tool is great, but there are

. . . . . . . Fostering a learning community contributes to creating a positive and successful learning experience. Students learn better with the existence of simple and fast communication with peers and teachers. In other words, when they are connected to their classes. In online classes, that communication element becomes of greater value

Up until recently, it has always been difficult to add review questions or discussion points directly into a video to give it a bit more interactivity for viewers. Generally, we posted a video and added questions underneath in Blackboard or in a separate quiz. A recent update from Microsoft now allows the linking of an

Embedding a PowerPoint presentation into your Blackboard course provides the students with a more visually appealing course design. It is also the easiest way to share updates to the presentation with your students since any changes made will automatically be updated in the presentation in your Blackboard course. This makes it the most efficient way

​The Microsoft Educator Community is a great site where you can take courses, earn badges, connect with other educators or find lessons to use in your class. Some of the recommended courses are: Teaching with Technology Basics 21st Century Learning Design Microsoft in Education​ Currently, the Teaching with Technology team is looking to add some of the

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