The Ed Tech Software Page (HCT Staff Use Only)

There are thousands of learning technology tools on the market today. It’s hard to decide where to start with your search for high quality effective tools. We’ve helped you with that by giving you a list of some of our favourite tools below.

To learn about each of the tools, just click on the name. We’ve shared a short description and an overview video with you.

Acrobat Pro is a complete Portable Document Format (PDF) software solution that allows for the creation, conversion and protection of documents. Additional features allow for searching, secure signing with e-signatures and mobile scanning which converts and image into a pdf document.

License Details: HCT has a system-wide license to Adobe Acrobat Pro. You can download it from the HCT Software Center on your HCT-issued PC. If you are using a Macbook, you can access the software by logging into  using your HCT email address and password and download the Adobe Acrobat Pro software directly from there.

Captivate is the industry standard when it comes to creating and editing responsive elearning products. This software can be used to create authentic online simulations and highly interactive learning modules that link into our Learning Management System, BlackBoard Learn.

License Details​: HCT has a limited number of licenses to Adobe Captivate. If you are interested in accessing this license, then you will need to fill out this form and be prepared to share any content you create with your division.

Creative Cloud is a suite of media editing software for image, sound, text and video editing. The package includes PremierPro for video editing, Illustrator & Photoshop to create and edit various image formats from photographs to web-ready buttons, Audition for sound editing and Indesign for print and digital products.

License Details: All HCT faculty automatically have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as their students. Faculty need to download the Creative Cloud software from the HCT Software Center if using an HCT-issued PC. If using a Macbook, they simply need to go to and sign in with their HCT email address and password to download the software from there. 

​Adobe Spark is an integrated suite of storytelling applications for the mobile and web developed by Adobe Systems. It comprises three separate design apps: Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video.

License Details: HCT has a system-wide license to Adobe Spark for all faculty. Go to and log in with your HCT Email address and Password. As well, this is a free tool that students can access through their HCT Adobe account or their own private Adobe account. 


Blackboard Learn (BBL)  is HCT's current Learning Management System. All academic courses are represented in BBL so that students have continuous online access to their courses and assignments. BBL is also used to distribute all e-text books and collect all course grades in the Grade Center. BBL allows HCT courses to be continuously available, flexible and mobile. You can access HCT's LMS at

License details: HCT has a system-wide license for Blackboard and faculty can log in using their HCT username and password at Each course in Banner has a corresponding course. If you need to create a new demo course, please contact your local Learning Management System Team.


Bookwidgets is an online content creation software that allows faculty to create interactive worksheets and quizzes which can be viewed and completed by students on all devices. Built in templates for worksheets, games and quizzes help faculty create engaging online content efficiently.

License Details: HCT has a limited number of BookWidgets licenses, which are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested in getting this license enroll in the course called Introducing the BookWidgets License in the PD Dashboard.


Techsmith Camtasia is a video-editing tool that allows creation of instructional interactive videos by staff at HCT as part of their blended learning. Camtasia allows screen recording along with the addition of audio and video or PowerPoint presentations, efficent editing and simple production.

License Details: HCT has licenses available for Camtasia. You can access this license by downloading it through the HCT Software Center on your HCT-issued PC. If you are using a Macbook, contact your local IT team for support with installing the software.


Collaborate Ultra is a real-time video conferencing tool that allows users to participate in online meetings, discussions and classes. Among other benefits, instructors delivering online learning sessions can use the tools in Collaborate Ultra to communicate with students, add files, share applications and put learners into smaller groups.

License details: HCT has a system-wide license for Blackboard. Collaborate Ultra is a tool built into the LMS.


FlipGrid is a an online tool that gives teachers and students the chance to share ideas and participate in video discussions. Teachers use words, links and videos to post topics, while students respond – and comment on other posts – by way of recorded video.

License Details: FlipGrid is a free software for all faculty and it is available through Office 365. Simply log into FlipGrid by choosing Log in with Microsoft and enter your HCT email address and password

Kahoot is a highly engaging audience response system that helps your students review course content in a fun and competitive way.  Kahoot can be played in the classroom or assigned as homework. You can even have the students compete in teams for more collaboration on the answers. 

License Details: HCT currently has a system-wide Premium Kahoot license for all faculty. If you are a faculty member and require access, please fill in this form. You need to log in with your HCT credentials to access the form. 


Nearpod is an interactive and collaborative presentation tool that allows teachers to deliver lessons that include quizzes, videos, images, drawing boards, polls and more. Teachers can build Nearpod lessons from existing PowerPoint presentations to make them more interactive, or start new. Teachers can control the pace of the lesson, or allow students to use it for individual study.​

License details: All HCT faculty has access to the District License at HCT. Simply choose to Log In with Office 365 and use your HCT credentials. Follow the instructions in this PDF​

To request access to the HCT District License, please fill in this form. Note that only HCT staff can access this form. Please use your HCT credentials to log in.


Office 365 is the cloud-based version of the Microsoft Office Suite of apps. It starts with OneDrive, an online file storage and sharing app, and includes all of the more well-known programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. It hosts other productivity and collaboration tools such as Teams, Yammer, Forms, Planner and Stream. Faculty and students have 1T of storage each with the HCT account.

License Details: HCT has a system-wide license to Office 365. You can access the software by logging into using your HCT username and password.


Padlet is an online tool, with both free and paid versions, that allows for teachers and students to collaborate on an online bulletin board or virtual wall. Users can post comments and share media such as images, videos and links. 

License Details: HCT doesn't currently have a subscription to Padlet, but they do have a free version that faculty and students can use. Click here to create a new account. 


Respondus is a tool that helps educators create and manage exams, either for print or for publication to a Learning Management System, such as Blackboard Learn, HCT's current LMS. Users can create assessments that use up to 15 different question types and which can be printed from Respondus or saved for editing in Microsoft Word. 

License Details: HCT has a system-wide license to Respondus 4.0. You can access the license key through the HCT Software Center on your HCT-issued PC. Note this software is only supported on Windows machines, not Macbooks.   


SoftChalk is a content authoring tool that allows instructors to create interactive eLearning course materials and activities for their students. SoftChalk can be used to create games, quizzes and annotated text, and also includes presentation activities.

License Details: HCT has a system-wide license for SoftChalk, which you can download from the HCT Software Center on your HCT-issued PC. For those using a Macbook, you will need to follow the instructions here.


Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows users to share content, chat and participate in and record online meetings. Meeting participants do not need an account to attend a zoom meeting; they only need to have the app on their desktop or device and follow the link to join any session to which they were invited.

License Details: HCT has a system-wide license for Zoom. Simply log into with your HCT details. Note that you need to be logged into the HCT wifi network in order to access Zoom.