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Testing Best Practices for Students using Bb Learn 9.1 for assessments

  1. Use only supported browser versions when taking on-line tests. We recommend using Firefox over Internet Explorer on your laptop/PCs.
  2. Before starting an on-line test, close all other software programs on your computer, including the browser that you plan to use to take the test. Re-start your browser and log in first to MyLearn ( without logging into any other HCT sites. This will help identify your test session in the system logs if you encounter technical issues.
  3. Disable all pop-up blockers. The steps for this will vary among browsers. If you have questions, contact your campus IT helpdesk to get directions on how to check your computer and browser settings for pop-up blockers.
  4. Use a hardwired connection rather than your wireless connection to the Internet to take an online test. Make sure that when you connect your network cable to your computer you also disable the wireless receiver so that it does not override or interfere with the wired connection.
  5. Make sure you do not have more than one browser window opened to Blackboard Learn.  This can cause problems submitting your exam.
  6. Make sure your computer is up-to-date on Windows patches and that it is virus and spyware free.
  7. We also recommends clearing the cache on your computer before starting a test to mitigate potential problems.

Mozilla Firefox
1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Clear Recent History.

Note: On a MAC computer, the option will be Clear Private Data.

3. Then select all of the checkboxes in the Details area.
4. Then click Clear Now.