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Why eTextbooks?

An eTextbook has exactly the same content as a printed textbook, delivered in electronic form over the Internet. It has the same chapter divisions and the same page numbering.

eTextbooks offer many advantages over printed textbooks:

  • They are cheaper.
  • You do not have to carry them around.
  • They are much better for the environment.
  • With an eTextbook, you can do full text searches, take notes, highlight text, print pages, copy selections and paste them into documents of your own.
  • They can be read on any internet-connected computer, or even when you are offline.


McGraw Hill’s Connect platform is a leading online assignment tool and assessment engine offering innovative, digital features including: LearnSmart, a powerful adaptive learning system; Tegrity, a lecture-capture tool; and a library of media-rich eBooks.



Learn more about McGraw Hill publisher integration at HCT:

About the McGraw Hill Connect Platform

Blackboard and McGraw-Hill have joined forces to help Higher Colleges of Technology (and other similar institutions across the world using Blackboard Learn LMS) to meet the demands of our next generation of learners. Ubiquitous access, flexibility and dynamic digital content are the new thresholds for learners’ expectations. That’s why HCT is leveraging this technology platform as a commitment to continually drive the print-to-digital transformation.


With improved design and additional features, the McGraw-Hill integration continues to improve and enhance the teaching and learning experience at HCT:

  • Single sign-on provides seamless access to all course resources.
  • Automatic grade synchronization ensures that all Connect assignment grades are automatically recorded in the Blackboard Learn Gradebook.
  • McGraw-Hill Content link located within the course Content area allows instructors to easily discover and embed McGraw-Hill content within their normal Blackboard Learn course workflows.
  • Icons based on content type allow instructors and students to quickly identify and distinguish between available content.
  • Consolidated McGraw-Hill Higher Education page within the Blackboard Learn Tools section enables users to access all integrated content and tools in one place and efficiently deploy links in content areas.
  • Compliance with student privacy standards such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ensures student data is protected and secure.

Trusted and proven, this is the deepest, state-of-the-art integration of publisher content within a learning management system: a combined solution that offers students and instructors a single point of access for courses, content and learning tools. Building upon the success of McGH’s initial integration, they are now delivering even more content and tools directly inside the Blackboard Learn platform.

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Some program areas (e.g. Business) have courses that are using a template which has modular and advanced integration of learning content structure. This type of modular delivery ensures students are delivered chapter at a time learning content depending upon how the faculty and course leaders have designed the delivery structure of the materials. These courses are single sign on authentication for faculty and students who seamlessly move between their course management system (Blackboard Learn) and McGraw Hill’s Connect platform to access their teaching and learning resources respectively.

This link highlights the advantages of this platform and integration for both faculty and students:

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