About Us

The department of Intelligent Learning System which is within the Education Technologies Division at Central Services collaborates with faculty, staff and students in order to explore ways that educational technology can support the University’s mission, enhance program outcomes, and foster student engagement.

We endeavor to offer a wide range of tools and services to meet the needs of HCT faculty. We offer services in digital content development, teaching & learning application development and deployment, instructional design, professional development in educational technology as well as advice on technology integration. We accomplish these objectives through information dissemination; project management; leading workshops and training; educational technology recommendations and; research and evaluation of novel technologies; contribution to and collaboration with academic intellectual organizations; and creation of a dynamic teaching and learning community that fosters innovative use of technology in education.

The Intelligent Learning System Advisory Committee (ILSC) role is to provide Ed Tech leadership to the HCT system.  ILS is constituted of 20+ Ed Tech members from all HCT colleges who disseminate and implement system-level recommendations and Ed Tech policies in their respective campuses.


The Intelligent Learning System department aims to provide educational technology leadership, services, support, training and guidance to HCT faculty.


1. Create and offer digital learning resources on a variety of subject matter.

2. Share resources and support faculty need to effectively use Educational Technology

3. Establish a peer-to-peer mentoring network for faculty implementing technology integration

4. Provide skill sets and tools to aid faculty in the use of educational technologies.

5. Offer training and professional development in Intelligent Learning System areas

6. Collaborate through support, aid, and learning resources

7. Evaluate and implement classroom technology, instructional software, current and new tools

Key Operations

  1. eTextbooks (150,000 units)

  2. Digital content development projects (Online course development, in-house eTextbooks production)

  3. Independent Learning Centers (Special spaces for students and teachers to improve language and math skills)

  4. MOOCs, iTunesU and Apps Development and Facilitation

  5. Instructional Apps development

  6. Policies and procedures

Key Services

  1. Learning management system (20000 students and 3000 staff)
  2. Online Assessments (15000 Students)
  3. Anti-plagiarism software (20000 students)
  4. Instructional and pedagogical services iPad deployment (14000 iPads )
  5. Web-based virtual tutoring
  6. Faculty Resource Rooms (Special spaces for faculty to create digital content and hone IT skills)
  7. Professional Development

Applications Managed

  1. Learning management system (Blackboard Learn)

  2. Anti-plagiarism software (SafeAssign)

  3. iTunes U

  4. Respondus, LockDown Browser, StudyMate

  5. More than 20 instructional development software and Web2.0 tools (e.g. Raptivity, SoftChalk, Articulate Storyline)

  6. Creative Eye



eTextbook units delivered via LMS


Students supported / year


iPads deployed in one year


Authoring tools

our working processin 3 steps...

... for teaching and learning projects with an aim to assist teachers and students integrate instructional technology into the curriculum.

planning & strategy

design & develop

test & deliver