Bb Learn (9.1) Implementation Plan

Here is a quick review of the 5-Phase Blackboard implementation plan for migrating from Blackboard VISTA to Blackboard Learn 9.1 at The Higher Colleges of Technology.

There will be two production environments from the Sep 2012 onwards – Blackboard Vista and Blackboard Learn. Initially, the Bb Learn environment will be used as pilot to identify training needs, resources requirements, teaching and learning strategies, change management and network & IT readiness. The transition from Bb Vista to Bb Learn will be in five phases as proposed below:


Planning & Installation (Sep 2011- Feb 2012)

  1. Planning and strategizing
  2. Investigating managed hosting on Bb data centers
  3. Baseline Project Plan for the implementation
  4. Production Environment for Bb Learn
  5. Piloting new release of Bb 9.1 that has LCH feature (Service Pack 8)
  6. At least 5 pilot courses on Bb Learn


Early Adoption and Technical Preparedness (Feb 2012 – Sep 2012)

  1. More courses on Bb Learn
  2. Organizational structure mapping in Bb Learn
  3. System-wide policies for Bb Learn ( Creative Eye)
  4. LCMS and ePortfolio feasibility analysis


Phased Transition (Sep 2012 – Feb 2013)

  1. Bb Learn as full production environment
  2. 20% courses (of the total requests) on Bb Learn
  3. System-wide training (includes train the trainer)
  4. Training faculty on Bb Learn
  5. Support Structure for Bb Learn
  6. System Integrations
  7. Customization


Full Deployment (Feb 2013 – Sep 2014)

  1. All new online course requests on Bb Learn
  2. Migration from Bb Vista to Bb Learn
  3. Learning Content Management system deployment
  4. Reports and Business Intelligence Deployment
  5. Phasing out Bb Vista


Project Completion (Sep 2014 – Feb 2015)

  1. All online courses on Bb Learn
  2. On Going Maintenance
  3. Vista decommissioned