Migration from Vista


Migrations from Vista to Learn 9.1 will happen starting September 2012, to be completed by January 2013.

Here are some quick directions on migrating your course from Bb Vista on over to Blackboard Learn 9.1.




  1. Find your course in VISTA (http://bbvista.hct.ac.ae)
  2. In the Course Manager of your course choose ->Backup ->Backup your course.
  3. Refresh the page to view your course backup file (xxxx.bak)
  4. Save the backed up file to the ‘My Files’ folder of VISTA.
  5. Go to Content Manager.
  6. Find thebackup and download it to your computer (e.g. in a folder like My Documents).
  7. Your Vista course isready to be restored into Bb Learn 9.1.
  1. Choose your course shell in Learn 9.1 (http://mylearn.hct.ac.ae)
  2. In the Control Panel of this course choose Packages and Utilities ->Import Package/View Logs
  3. Select ‘Import Package’ option from the right-hand part of the course screen.
  4. Click the ‘Browse’ button to find your Vista course that you have backed up (xxx.hak) on your computer (e.g. from a folder like My Documents).
  5. Select ALL or Choose the relevant Course items from the check boxes available to you.
  6. finally click the ‘Submit’ button to restore your course.
  7. Refresh your course after a minute or two (restoring time will vary depending upon how large your Vista course is…).

Note: Some tweaking may be needed to your restored Course environment before the learn 9.1 course is finished and ready for your students to access.

Click on the attachment (see below) to download the full checklist document…

HCT Migration Checklist PDF Document