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Welcome to the Blackboard e-Education platform of Higher Colleges of Technology. The institution's enterprise LMS is designed to transform the Internet into a powerful environment for the educational experience for both the teaching and student fraternity.

To learn more about HCT's Bb Learn environment, hover your mouse (or tap if on iPad) over this module and then choose the links to visit the Bb Learn pages.

Supporting Technologies

At HCT, educational technology is implemented with an aim to support much of the effort toward curriculum access, participation and progress. Supporting Technology adds value to HCT's enterprise LMS to increase student independence, personal productivity and empowerment.

HCT continues to adopt innovative educational technology to transform static curriculum resources into flexible digital media and tools.

Authoring Tools

HCT faculty and Ed Tech staff adopt a wide-range of e-learning authoring tools which are essentially software packages which allow them to rapidly create and package e-learning content deliverable to their learners.

Faculty and Ed Tech staff at HCT adopt authoring tools which specifically include support for e-learning content standards such as SCORM or AICC.

Ed-Tech Initiatives


Mobile Learning Festival

Mobile Learning FestivalLearn more about the mLearning Festival conference at Higher Colleges of Technology.

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