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Using Blackboard xpLor

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Blackboard xpLor is a cloud-based, global learning object repository for authoring, copyright, sharing, and discovery of rich educational materials and open educational resources. It is built on open standards and is designed to support rich learning objects such as assignments, assessments, and discussions, as well as traditional content types. Learning objects can be shared beyond the confines of a single LMS environment and shared objects will work in any supported system without alteration. Existing content can be moved from the LMS platform to xpLor, making it accessible in multiple courses on multiple platforms.

xpLor is much more than a content repository. It has tools similar to those in Blackboard Learn, which offer options to content creators and consumers that were not available before. While xpLor is tightly integrated with the LMS, choosing to use a tool in xpLor could mean less integration with other features in Learn. On the other hand, xpLor content is shareable and re-usable across your courses, institution, or the world in ways that native LMS content is not.

xpLor connects to the xpLor central service in the Blackboard Cloud with the installation of the xpLor Connector Building Block on Blackboard Learn, 9.1 Service Pack 10 or higher. Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) has licensed the Content Management module of Blackboard Learn to provide Faculty access to additional premium features, such as institutional sharing, file upload and higher storage and bandwidth limitations.

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For the first time at HCT you have access to the universe of learning content in the LMS you already use. Share and collaborate on learning objects with colleagues at your institution or across the globe. Blackboard xpLor puts you in control.

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