As teachers begin to feel more comfortable working in an online learning environment in terms of tools, logistics and management, there are still a few sticking points that challenge along the way. One of the more pressing is the lack of connection with students. It may be true the rapport and familiarity of the face-to-face classroom may never be fully

. . . . . . . Fostering a learning community contributes to creating a positive and successful learning experience. Students learn better with the existence of simple and fast communication with peers and teachers. In other words, when they are connected to their classes. In online classes, that communication element becomes of greater value

Many teachers use online Collaborate Ultra’s breakout rooms feature with students, putting them into groups to work on some task or project. However, think about how you organize those groups. Extensive research has been done on the efficacy of implementing cooperative learning and how group roles within cooperative learning will work. Simply stated, when you

Something I started to do recently during my live online sessions with faculty is to stop and give a short quiz about something. As you probably know, I use Nearpod for a lot of my live sessions, but not long ago learned of an interesting routine for using Kahoot! to introduce new topics. I highly

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Even before Salman Khan began recording videos in 2004 to support his cousin’s learning, which soon lead to the birth of the now-famous Khan Academy, the idea of ‘flipping the classroom’ was not new. Where students generally got information in class and then applied that information later on their own, by way of homework or projects for