The new Weebly iPad App allows users to edit and add content on the go and is perfect for creating classroom websites, student ePortfolios and websites for assigned projects. In addition, Weebly for education offers a managed, protected environment for your students completely free! This webinar demonstrates how easy it is to create websites that look

Another great installment of kids react to ‘old’ technology.  

Pages and Keynote

Monday, 12 May 2014 by

If you need help getting started with Pages and Keynote, here some videos to help you. You will learn about the basics of each app and then how to organize and share your files.  

Learn about Safari

Thursday, 06 March 2014 by

Watch these 5 short videos to learn about the Safari app on your iPad.

Make Your Images Interactive

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 by

ThingLink is a great, iPad friendly free tool for creating interactive images with music, video, sound, text and more! Embed and share your images easily in BB Learn, Edmodo, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ as well as html and email options. Endless applications for teaching and learning including student generated content. Checkout these fabulous examples

With social media continuing to grow globally and the rapid introduction of mobile devices in schools and colleges around the world, here’s an idea for a class project that uses social networking to enhance English language learning. The educational benefits of blogging have been well documented over the years (Downes 2004), (Richardson 2009), (Tolisano 2012).