Knowing your way around in breakout groups is crucial for the seamless administration of online collaborative activities. This post shares tips regarding assigning students and communicating with them. The next post will share tips for monitoring students and ending the groups.   Assigning Students   1. Assign multipleΒ students

. . . . . . . Fostering a learning community contributes to creating a positive and successful learning experience. Students learn better with the existence of simple and fast communication with peers and teachers. In other words, when they are connected to their classes. In online classes, that communication element becomes of greater value

In the September release of Collaborate Ultra, two recordings features were introduced. Recording reminder. Secure recording links. Recording reminder Now Collaborate reminds moderators to start recording the session before they begin. As soon as moderators join the session, Collaborate presents a recording reminder. The reminder is visible until the moderator starts the recording or closes

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Over the summer, the CS-LMS team had updated Blackboard Learn to Q4 2019 release, which brought great new features to facilitate academic effectiveness and improve the user experience. BB Annotate. Record audio and video feedback. Cloud storage integration. New Originality Report available for SafeAssign integration. Calendar items and due date notifications for additional content types.

Recently, Blackboard introduced the below new features in Collaborate Ultra to improve the user experience and facilitate academic effectiveness. Improved the create and edit session functionality A new interface and functionality for creating and editing sessions were introduced to improve the user experience and avoid accidental changes. Now, you can easily switch between tabs of

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Nearpod has added a Teacher View for Student-Paced lessons. This will give teachers real-time insights into students’ progress in the Student-Paced lessons. Now you can: πŸ‘€ easily monitor student progress the same way you do during a live lesson. βœ… quickly determine which students have joined the student-paced lesson. πŸ“‹ moderate Collaborate! Boards immediately when

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