Tips for Delivering Successful Collaborate Ultra Sessions

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Below are 5 tips to help you deliver a successful online class through Collaborate Ultra. If you’d like to download a PowerPoint with these slides, click on this link.

Note: you will need to be logged in with your HCT credentials to access the PPT.


Tip 1

Remind students how to set up their microphones during the first couple of online classes. This will ensure they can unmute themselves to ask questions or easily participate in Breakout Rooms.

Sunday March 8th - Tip of the Day


Tip 2

Need to share audio from an online video with your students? Use Chrome only and choose a specific Chrome tab to share. Don’t forget to select the Share Audio option on the bottom left-side of your screen.

Monday - Tip of the day


Tip 3

Need to check on an individual student? You may want to send them a private message in the chat. Moderators, ‘a.k.a instructors’, can always chat privately with individual students. As well, students can send the instructors a private message.

Tuesday March 10th - Tip of the Day


Tip 4

Ensure you are following the below recommendations during your online session and remind your students to do the same.

Wednesday March 11th Tip of the Day


Tip 5

The Share Blank Whiteboard tool is a great tool for both you and your students to use during an online session. Just remember to take a screenshot of any important work before clearing the board or closing it.

Thursday, March 12th - Tip of the Day

Click here to learn more about the Snipping Tool on Windows.

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