Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Rubric for Course Design

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Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Rubric

Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP) Rubric defines key characteristics for designing high-quality courses. It is an effective resource to guide instructors when designing their online course shells or evaluating current ones for future enhancements.

The ECP rubric highlights recommended practices within the framework of four major areas:

course design   Course Design

Interaction and Collaboration   Interaction & Collaboration

Assessment   Assessment

Learner Support   Learner Support

It uses numerical point values for each standard, which makes the rubric very simple to use. These point values (from 1 to 5) indicate the relative importance of the standard, with values of 5 representing compulsory standards. The picture below shows the standards and scores of sub-category Content Composition and Structure within the Course Design element.

ECP Rubric - Content Presentation Standards

There are 191 total points available in the ECP rubric, with following course rating categories:

  • Exemplary 85% (163 points or more)
  • Compelling 80% (153-162 points)
  • Promising 70% (134-152 points


Click here to view the ECP Rubric as per November 2019.

ECP Rubric


Click here to use the ECP Rubric BookWidgets Worksheet. You can use the worksheet when designing or evaluating your courses. After completing it for your course, click on Show Answers to see your course rating score, and then you can download the completed worksheet and/or send it to yourself.

ECP Rubric Worksheet


Blackboard ECP Cohort

To learn more about the rubric, register here to view recordings and/or attend the next set of Fall19 ECP Cohort webinars. Each webinar covers one area of the rubric and is usually structured as 30 minutes overview of rubric standards, 30 minutes course tour, 30 minutes Q&A.

Note: Check for registration confirmation and recording links.


Blackboard ECP Catalyst Award

Instructors can submit their courses for review through the Blackboard exemplary course program. Submitted courses will go through self and peer review processes based on the ECP rubric. Courses that receive an Exemplary rating, a score of at least 85% (163 points or more), will be recognized by Blackboard with the ECP Catalyst Award. For more information, check

Watch the video below to hear from some of the exemplary course winners about the exemplary course program. You can also view ECP FAQs.

Overview BB ECP 1



Blackboard Community: Exemplary Course Program

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