Use of LMS and Blended Learning Initiatives at HCT

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Blended learning is a platform that combines the face-to-face learning with the online experience. Blended learning is being implemented in educational institutions because it is cost effective, time saving, and most importantly flexible as it provides an opportunity for students to learn independently. In Blended learning teacher is in one campus and students are in different campuses. Students have flexibility to study from any campus of their choice. It provides the unique way of teaching and learning for students from different campuses and also provides opportunities of convenient education for learners to learn without geographical and time barriers. It also make students responsible in their studies towards self-learning.


Blended learning


How Blended learning is more effective and efficient? How teachers and students interact each other? How teacher assess the students’ performance? Answer to all these questions is through Learning Management System (LMS).

LMS provides an important role in Blended learning. LMS makes the online experience for students and faculty. Different Learning management applications are available in market. HCT uses Blackboard learn. We can share the resources’ using Blackboard learn and it makes way to optimize resources and provide the best technology-based learning experience to students. LMS provides the unlimited access to learning materials. Students get freedom to learn. Teacher can post the recorded videos for each class room session in Blackboard and students can access and learn these videos at any time.



Communication tools in Blackboard helps the teachers to communicate and interact each other. Communication tools available in Blackboard are eMail, announcements, Discussion board, Forum etc. LMS helps the students to do the project and independent learning courses with less involvement from the faculty members. Students are able to use online materials, assessments and emails to complete their assessments and also contacting the faculty members and industry supervisors if necessary. Tools like discussion board and forums provide the chance for students to be creative and open to ideas. It will improve the student’s critical thinking skills. Group assignments and group projects allows the students to increase the productivity and performance.

Benefits for LMS are

  • Helps to communicate and collaborate in a secured environment
  • Organizes eLearning content in one location
  • Provides unlimited access to eLearning materials
  • Easily tracks learner progress and performance
  • Reduces development time
  • Updates contents easily
  • Allows secure online interaction between students and teachers
  • Helps students become more independent

Strength of blended learning is its flexibility that integrates virtual and physical settings of learning as an integrated approach and makes learning more effective and transforms students into self-disciplined, lifelong learners.



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    Very informative and interesting to read. In this digital era blended learning is a must. Well written.

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