Creating Interactive Activities and Worksheets with BookWidgets

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Students learn better when they are interacting with the learning subject; answering questions, playing a game or annotating and moving objects. So, here is a great tool to spice up your course.

BookWidgets provides an effortless way to create interactive learning activities that can be used during the class or as formative assessments after the class. It’s all about engaging your students with the subject.

To get you excited, check the two BookWidgets activities below by clicking on the images.


Creating BookWidgets

Although the above activities sound complicated to design, they are very straightforward. Creating BookWidgets is based on filling in templates with your questions, images, audio, video and lesson content. That’s it. You don’t need to design or program anything! There are many template categories to choose from; Test & Review, Games, Pictures & Videos, Math, Embed Third Party, and Checklists.

BookWidgets Templates

Sharing BookWidgets

Sharing BookWidgets with students is simple as well. Just provide them with the widget link or embed it directly into your Blackboard.

Sharing BookWidgets

Grading and Feedback

Once students have completed the activity, you can check their results and provide feedback from your BookWidgets account. There are many options, some of these are:

  • Give feedback on each student’s answer.
  • Return student work without correction or grades, but with teacher feedback.
  • Allow students to see the answers after submitting.

BookWidgets Feedback

Finally, we know that having a fancy tool and knowing how to use it is not enough! So, here are plenty of examples for inspiration.

BookWidgets Examples per Subject

BookWidgets Templates


If you want to learn more about using BookWidgets, register for one of the upcoming sessions “Creating Interactive Activities and Worksheets with BookWidgets” in PD Dashboard.



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