What will your verse be?

by / Sunday, 26 January 2014 / Published in Mobile OS


The Apple marketing team is proving the comments that the iPad is simply a reader, not a creator and not for ‘real work’ are wrong. They’ve created a new advertisement showcasing how some people are using iPads to create and do ‘real work’. They’ve used a scene from the movie Dead Poet’s Society as their voice over. In this scene, Robin Williams as John Keating gives an inspirational speech to a class of high school students urging them to be productive and creative. He quotes from the American Poet Walt Whitman asking ‘What will your verse be?’.


When you scroll down the above page, you can read more about each of the stories they highlight in the video and may be inspired to start creating more on the iPad yourself. The video is beautifully shot and will definitely appeal to our creative sides.

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