CUP Faculty Resources

Access codes to CUP eText/s are available from within the Foundations Resources course in Bb Learn.  (NOTE: Students must be enrolled in the Foundations Resources course in Bb Learn to gain access)

Download your ‘Quick Start Guide for obtaining FND English Resources’


High traffic volume from HCT is overloading the site.  Cambridge told me they believed this was impossible, but it’s clearly happening and they’re working on a fix.

Advise students to redeem their code and download the book at home in the evening so everyone isn’t trying to access the site at once.

Also, often the site will still load even after displaying the “Loading” screen for up to a minute, so just trying waiting it out.

Most of the time this actually means the code redemption was successful, and the student just needs to log out and back in again after a few minutes to see the book.  Usually what’s happening is that the student enters the code once and it works, then clicks again and this message appears, but the code has actually been redeemed successfully the first time.

Check if the student was a no-show at the beginning of the semester.  Some students who were no-shows in the first week of the semester are still registered because their attendance was not completely entered in the first week, making them appear to have less than 10% absences in the system even though they should really have more than 10%.

Try accessing the site / redeeming codes using the Chrome browser on a PC; Cambridge recommends this as the most stable way to access the site if other methods are causing problems.