TOPSIM – General Management

8 & 9 April, Simulation Workshop 

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Welcome to the TOPSIM educational simulation workshop that is being planned by the CS Ed Tech team to align with the HCT’s General Management curriculum, especially in the Business areas. Nominated teachers will be trained in this simulation as ‘trainers/facilitators’ and then will use the accompanying cloud based simulation software in their classrooms.

Participants numbers is limited to only 25 seats for this workshop.  First preference will be given to teachers nominated by their Divisions followed by the Ed Tech staff who will commit to train other teachers in their respective campuses.

A certificate will be awarded by Tata Interactive System and CERT for the participants who successfully complete the two day workshop.



On some days you win, on others you learn. The greatest learnings in life come from mistakes. In a business scenario, however, mistakes are costly. In today’s competitive global market, there is little room for management errors. That’s why TOPSIM – General Management allows your managers to learn by making decisions—and mistakes—in a completely risk-free environment.

TOPSIM – General Management simulation is an advanced and comprehensive model representing a company and its functions in all their complexity. The participants of the simulation take over the management role of a company, competing as teams against other simulated companies in a simulated market. Through their decisions, the participants influence the success of their company. Thus, learning about the interrelatedness of a company and about the internal and external variables affecting its economic success.

TOPSIM – General Management is a modular program deployed in a 2–3 day workshop. The teams are assigned to compete with their products in a realistically simulated market. While proceeding through different modules, teams need to plan, strategize, and decide, taking into account the several areas of a corporation—Procurement, Production, HR, R&D, Marketing, and Sales. They move ahead while keeping in mind Product Life Cycles, Personnel Competence, Productivity, Reengineering, Environmental Aspects, Corporate Identity, Share Price & Rating, as well as Shareholder Value-Oriented Management.

At the workshops, an instructor acts as the coordinator of teams, controller of business environment variables, and an educator to help teams interpret results and reports. The program allows variable degrees of complexity—one may chose to sell either one or two products and may chose to sell them in one or two markets representing domestic and foreign markets.

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TOPSIM – General Management is ideal for:

  • Managers and management trainees
  • Employees from HR, R&D, Sales, Production, Finance, and Administration
  • Employees with little business experience
  • Students of Business Administration

TOPSIM – General Management builds teamwork and time management, and empowers learners in several ways including:

  1. Make better business decisions
  2. Gain experience thinking about the overall impact of your decisions
  3. Think more effectively about the links between different decision areas
  4. Define economic goals and strategies and implement them in a dynamic environment
  5. Understand the fundamentals of marketing
  6. Analyze financial figures and put insight into practice
  7. Learn to use business tools like cost accounting and income analysis
  8. Maintain control of a business under uncertain conditions
  9. Maintain overall control of difficult tasks
  10. Learn to think and act in an inter-disciplinary way
  11. Develop the ability to structure and solve problems
  12. Develop a view for the essential problems
  13. Practice effective communication through visualization
  14. Define and solve problems in teams with the aid of data-processed planning models
  15. Set-up a seminar using TOPSIM – General Management
  16. Effectively facilitate a simulation-based seminar with TOPSIM – General Management

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Time Activity Description
08:00 Introductions Meet and Greet
08:15 TOPSIM Introduction Introduction to the simulation
08:45 Familiarization Session 1 ‘File’ Menu; Setting up a seminar
09:15 Expert Group Prepare assigned portion of manuals in teams
09:45 BREAK
10:00 Decision Cycle 1 Decisions for period 1
11:30 Period 1 Calculation Simulating a financial cycle
12:00 Debrief – Cycle 1 Assimilating the results of the financial cycle
12:30 LUNCH
13:30 Decisions Cycle 2 Decisions for period 2
15:00 Debrief – Cycle 2 Assimilating the results of the financial cycle
15:30 BREAK
15:45 Familiarization Session 2 Reports
Time Activity Description
08:00 Familiarization Session 3 ‘Edit’ Menu – Instructor Decisions
09:00 Decision Cycle 3, Planning Models Decisions for period 3; Understanding Planning Models
10:00 BREAK
10:15 Decision Cycle 3, Planning Models Decisions for period 3; Understanding Planning Models 1, 2
11:30 Teachback – Debrief Teams 1 & 2 perform a debrief
12:30 LUNCH
13:30 Decision Cycle 3, Planning Models Decisions for period 4; Understanding Planning Model 3
15:00 Teachback – Debrief Teams 3 & 4 perform a debrief
16:00 BREAK
16:15 Open House Unscripted session for questions and suggestions
16:45 Graduation Graduation and wrap-up

Watch the TOPSIM- General Management video below to learn more 

TOPSIM - General Management Simulation