Dr. Larry Davies

As a Senior Specialist in Professional Development – Instruction, Dr. Larry provides professional development sessions for HCT faculty in principles of learning, instructional design & development, activity planning & development, classroom observation & facilitation, positive psychology, and higher education leadership, and has taken the lead in developing new sessions for curriculum, assessment, and alignment of cognitive complexity in testing.

He has been a teacher, trainer, senior administrator, senior instructional technologist, and senior instructional designer over the past 30 years, supporting teaching and learning at more than a half dozen institutions of higher education in the USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. He has been at HCT since April, 2015 in his current position, including serving a teaching stint in the Education department. As a scholar and practitioner, he has dedicated his life to guiding institutions large and small to embrace the paradigm shift in education to meet the exponentially unknowable needs of the 21st century. His main interest concerns how higher educational organizational culture can anticipate and meet the challenges of building a learning and instructional community in the 21st Century.