As faculty at HCT, you are already experts in what’s working best while teaching online. In this series, I’ll be posting some infographics that I’ve found while traversing the Internet and making some short comments on them. This first one, 9 tips for teaching online, I found in my facebook account. In fact, there are

In the September release of Collaborate Ultra, two recordings features were introduced. Recording reminder. Secure recording links. Recording reminder Now Collaborate reminds moderators to start recording the session before they begin. As soon as moderators join the session, Collaborate presents a recording reminder. The reminder is visible until the moderator starts the recording or closes

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There are times when you have to work with students and introduce new terminology and new concepts. Sometimes, there are many new items to learn all within the course of a class or two. Your students can get very easily overwhelmed, not just with the new content, but with the language. Remember, they might not

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A tale of two Salmons

Sunday, 13 September 2020 by

Now that you’ve survived the transition to online or new modes of blended delivery, you and your team are no doubt looking to adapt your teaching and learning activities to these new modes of delivery. Two names you should definitely get to know are Gilly Salmon and Janet Salmons. Gilly Salmons is the author of

Teaching is an art form and the only way that you can develop your practice is by applying what you’ve learned from articles, videos and/or professional development courses. You can study all the learning theories, teaching strategies and educational technology tools, but that means nothing if you can’t effectively implement those in the classroom with

A long time ago (20 years), in a country far away (Japan), I was an associate professor of communication studies at a brand new university. Most of my colleagues were Japanese, and most were in the hard sciences, including things like robotics and computer programming. One day, a younger assistant professor came up to me. He

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