Microsoft Whiteboard for a Collaborative Workspace

by / Sunday, 01 November 2020 / Published in Microsoft, Teaching with Technology

Do you need your students to brainstorm a project and submit it for your review? What about needing your students to work collaboratively on a math problem? Do you need to monitor your students’ work in real time while they are in their Breakout Rooms? The Collaborate Ultra Whiteboard tool is great, but there are some disadvantages in using it. First your students work is not saved. So, once they leave the Breakout Room, the whiteboard will be erased. This means you need to train your students to take screenshots and save their work. They also need to do this before you end the groups. As well, it’s not easy to monitor all of your students work at the same time. In order to view their whiteboard, you need to join the room. Sometimes, you want to see the groups work in order to assess which group is struggling and needs your assistance first. The Microsoft Whiteboard feature may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

All faculty, staff and students have access to the Microsoft Whiteboard app. They can access it by going to or downloading the app on their Microsoft computer or iOS device.

Web Version

Whiteboard for the web is available for all users and can be accessed using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. It currently supports the following features:

  • Create and join boards
  • Add and edit sticky notes
  • Add and edit text objects
  • Add and erase ink
  • Select and move objects
  • View images added from native clients

Note that there is no app version for Macbook users. If you would like to use the full features of the app, you will need to download the app to your iOS device. You will also need to down the Microsoft Authenticator app to the same device.

Microsoft Whiteboard Web Version

Getting started

To use the web version, you will need to be logged to with your HCT credentials.

Getting Started with the Whiteboard Web Version

Renaming the Whiteboard

 Renaming the Whiteboard

Export the Whiteboard

Exporting the Whiteboard

App Version

The App Version provides many more features for users including adding images and files to the whiteboard. It also allows the owner of the board to add specific people and turn on/off read mode for those users.

Whiteboard 2

You also have more options in the Settings area.

Whiteboard 3


Getting Started on your PC

You will need to download the Whiteboard app from the Microsoft Store. Open the Microsoft Store on your computer.

Getting Started on your PC



To learn about the full features in Microsoft Whiteboard, watch this YouTube video.