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Nearpod has added a Teacher View for Student-Paced lessons. This will give teachers real-time insights into students’ progress in the Student-Paced lessons. Now you can:

πŸ‘€ easily monitor student progress the same way you do during a live lesson.

βœ… quickly determine which students have joined the student-paced lesson.

πŸ“‹ moderate Collaborate! Boards immediately when students participate in them.




Tip for Live Sessions

With this feature, you can ask students to complete student-paced lessons during the live sessions. This will allow students to go through a set of activities at their own pace, while you monitor their individual/group progress live from Nearpod. This is similar to facilitating a F2F activity and moving around the desks to check the progress.

Step 1. Share the student-paced lesson with your students

a) Place the mouse on the lesson and click on Student-Paced.

b) Click on Link.

c) Copy the link and share it as needed (For Live session: in the chat, For out of class: post it on Blackboard).

Note: You may also share the lesson through Code or Embed options.

Share Lesson V1

Step 2. Access the View Progress panel

a) Place the mouse on the lesson and click on Student-Paced.

b) Click on the shared lesson that you want to check its progress.

c) Click on View Progress.

View Progress V1

Step 3. Check Student List

From the Student List, determine which students have joined the lesson.

Student List V1

Step 4. View students’ progress

Navigate the lesson to view live updates of the students’ progress in the student-paced lesson.

  • Poll Responses Example:

Poll responses V1

  • Draw it Responses Example:

Draw it responses V1


You can alsoΒ watch the below video for the steps.

Video-Nearpod V1


Nearpod Blog: http://blog.nearpod.com/nearpod-updates/

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