Kahoot New Feature: Adding Images as Answers

by / Thursday, 19 March 2020 / Published in Ed Tech, Learning Technology Tools, Teaching with Technology

Now, in addition to text, you can use images as answer alternatives in Kahoot. This feature brings a new level of instruction and fun to different subjects.

  • Math teachers can explain graphs and fractions in a more interactive way.
  • Language teachers can use image answers to connect words with the correct image.
  • Geography teachers can use image answers to highlight different landmarks.

Steps: Adding Images as Answers in Kahoot Questions

  1. Create a quiz or poll question type.
  2. Hover over the answer alternatives and click the small image
  3. Upload or drag and drop an image from your desktop or use an image from the library.

Note: For now, this feature works for Live Kahoots only.


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References: New feature: Add images as answers to engage pre-readers and students who struggle with text!

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