Teaching and supporting learning in an online environment

by / Wednesday, 11 March 2020 / Published in Ed Tech, Instruction

The recent and unprecedented move to online delivery of courses has left many educators transitioning to adapt their practice to an altered learning environment. Professor Stuart Kime and Jamie Scott of Evidenced Based Education discuss the challenges and opportunities for providing assessment and feedback online. Although they reference school contexts, these strategies are equally relevant to higher education.

In the podcast, Kime and Scott discuss effective approaches to:

    ‘retrieval’ and reinforcement of information
    peer assessment
    using ‘hinge’ questions or tasks to determine whether learners are ready to move on
    providing feedback to learners

Which of the approaches in the podcast have you tried? Which ones are you thinking of trying?

Click the image or the link to listen to the podcast. (43 mins)

Link: The Podcast


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