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In a previous blog post, a few months back, I shared an overview of the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP) rubric, which is a fantastic tool when designing online course shells or evaluating them for future enhancements.

The Exemplary Course Program aims to identify and share best practices for designing high-quality courses. You can submit your course to the program in order to have it reviewed and receive feedback for enhancements. In the first step, you will be self-evaluating the course according to the ECP rubric. Next, the course will be peer-reviewed according to the ECP rubric, and then a final course score will be given along with valuable feedback for future enhancements. Courses that receive an Exemplary rating, a score of at least 85% (163 points or more), will be recognized by Blackboard with the ECP Catalyst Award. Thus, it will be a valuable and rewarding experience to submit one of your courses to the program. Submissions are now open until April 1, 2020, and they will re-open on August 1, 2020.

In this blog, I am excited to share resources that would be helpful if you are looking to enhance your course based on the recommendations in the ECP rubric, or if you are looking to submit your course to the program with the aim of the Exemplary Course Catalyst Award.

1. PD Course: Designing Exemplary Online Learning Spaces

The course includes discussions of the ECP rubric categories and shows examples from a previously awarded course. You may register into one of the sections in the PD Dashboard with your HCT credentials.

DEOLS Session


2. Self-Assessment ECP Rubric Interactive Worksheet

This interactive worksheet will facilitate evaluating your course based on the ECP rubric. After completing it for your course, click on Show Answers to see your course rating score, and then you can download the completed worksheet and/or send it to yourself.

ECP Rubric Worksheet


3. ECP Spring 2020 Webinar Series

4-week webinar series to discuss the ECP rubric categories and demonstrates examples from a course. These webinars are offered by Blackboard and joined by educators all over the world. In addition to the webinars being informative, they are motivational too.

ECP Cohort


4. Blackboard Community: Exemplary Course Program (ECP)

Register into the Blackboard Community to review submission information, explore more resources, and connect with peers. It’s required to register with your HCT email address.

Blackboard Community


5. Become a Reviewer in the Exemplary Course Program!

This will provide you with an opportunity to explore a variety of courses and get ideas and inspirations for your own ones. For registration information and inspiration, read Become A Reviewer Today! (It requires registering with your HCT email address).

Becoem a reviewer


6. Self-enroll in a 2014 Award-Winning Blackboard Exemplary Course

The course ETT 510: Instructional Media and Technology was developed by Jason Rhode from Northern Illinois University and has received the distinction as a Blackboard Catalyst Exemplary Course in 2014. You can self-enroll in the course to explore it. You will need to log in with your HCT credentials. For more information, check this video tour and blog by the instructor of the course.



7. More Exemplary Course Tours

Check the Blackboard YouTube Channel for more exemplary course tours of different disciplines.


8. Yammer Group: Designing Exemplary Online Learning Spaces

Join the Yammer discussion and share good practices with your colleagues!


Note: You may need to check for registration confirmation emails and recording links.

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