Gamification Introduced in Nearpod

by / Thursday, 20 June 2019 / Published in Learning Technology Tools, Nearpod, Teaching with Technology

Nearpod’s quiz tool is a great way to introduce formative assessments into your class and now it is a great way to introduce some friendly competition as well.

Time to Climb is a new tool introduced this week by Nearpod and it allows students to compare their progress with others while working through a quiz. There are two different themes for the instructor to choose from, Himalaya and Space, and 18 characters for the students to choose from. Note that this is the beta version of the tool and Nearpod has already announced intentions of adding new themes and characters to the list of options.

No time to make a new quiz for your students in Nearpod?

No problem at all, you can convert your already-made quizzes into a Time to Climb activity.

Learn more about Time to Climb here.


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