Embedding a PowerPoint Presentation in Blackboard

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Embedding a PowerPoint presentation into your Blackboard course provides the students with a more visually appealing course design. It is also the easiest way to share updates to the presentation with your students since any changes made will automatically be updated in the presentation in your Blackboard course. This makes it the most efficient way to share PowerPoint presentations with your students.

Below are the steps required to embed a PowerPoint presentation in your Blackboard course. If you are not familiar with Office 365 yet, we highly recommend that you take the introductory course called ‘Collaborating Online with Office 365’.



1. Ensure your PowerPoint file is saved on One Drive, not your computer. If you are not sure how to do this, you can follow the instructions on this page.

2. Open the PowerPoint file you wish to share online, not from your computer.

3. Click on File.

PowerPoint Online File

 4. Click on Share and choose Embed.

Share and Embed

5. Choose the size you wish to display and copy the embed code.

Copy Embed Code

6. Go to the area of your Blackboard course that you want to add the presentation, hover over Build Content and click on create Item.

Build Content Item

7. Name the item appropriately and click on HTML.

Name and HTML

8. Paste the embed code and click on Update.

HTML Code View Update

9. It is a good idea to add a note for your students telling them that they need to be logged into Office 365 with their HCT email address and password to view the presentation. Then click Submit.

Student Note and Submit

10. Your Presentation is now viewable as an embed in Blackboard.

Embedded PowerPoint in Blackboard

Note: your students still have the option to download a copy of the PPT or print a PDF version if they wish.

Embedding a PPT Presentation


Download the PDF Version of the Instructions

How to Embed your PowerPoint Presentations in Blackboard


Want to embed a Word Document or Excel File?

Just follow the exact same steps using Word or Excel instead.

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