Dropping the Lowest Grade in the Blackboard Grade Center

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The Blackboard Grade Center is a very powerful tool that can help save instructor time. For example, in many courses the average quiz grade is calculated based on the best 3 out 4 quiz scores. Instructors can create a column in Blackboard that will calculate this average automatically for them. So, there is no need to manually select the 3 highest grades or to use Excel to calculate the average grade.



Steps to follow

Complete the following 5 simple steps in the Blackboard Grade Center.

  1. Ensure columns are created for each assessment.
  2. Create a new category.
  3. Assign the new category to each of the columns.
  4. Create an Average Column including the new category in the calculations.
  5. Choose how many lowest grades you wish to drop.


Drop the Lowest Grade


Review more details in the PDF link below.

Dropping the Lowest Grade in an Average Column Calculation


Want to see the process demonstrated for you?

Watch the video below.

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