Exams are Knocking at the Door! Let Students Review Content using Nearpod Student-Paced Lessons

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​As the end of the term draws near, it’s important to get students to start reviewing content and identifying gaps early before the exam period starts.




Nearpod can be used to help students review content in an engaging manner. The teacher can create a Student-Paced Nearpod lesson that students can complete in their own time. Give students the lesson PIN and let them complete the review lesson easily from the Nearpod mobile app.

  Student-paced   Nearpod-app

The teacher can easily mix and match multimedia content with activities in the review Nearpod lesson.

 content   Activity

View the below video to learn about Nearpod activities: matching pairs, memory test, quiz, open-ended responses, fill in the blanks, ‘Collaborate!’ discussions and drawing.

Finally, the teacher can check the reports for the lessons and learn about who needs more help.​

To learn more about Nearpod, enroll in the self-paced course “Introducing the HCT District Nearpod License” and course “Creating Interactive Lessons with Nearpod” in PD dashboard.


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