Make Learning Awesome Using Kahoot!

by / Thursday, 14 March 2019 / Published in Learning Technology Tools, Teaching with Technology

Are you looking to foster social learning, unlock learners’ potential and deepen pedagogical impact? Is it getting a little boring in the class and are you looking to add some fun to learning? If so, then Kahoot! is your go-to tool!


Kahoot! enables you to easily create an engaging formative quiz whereby students compete with each other in a high energy game environment. It’s a great tool to review course material and reinforce learning in a fun way.



Teachers can use Kahoot! as follows:

  • Create a Kahoot! or reuse one from the Kahoot! global library.
    • Kahoot! questions can be in the format of multiple answers or jumble.
    • Add videos, images and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement.
  • Host the Kahoot! live in your classroom, where students can attempt it from their mobile devices competing with each other.
  • Assign a homework Kahoot! challenge where students take it out of class time, while still competing with each other.
  • Let your students create their own Kahoots!

To learn more about Kahoot!, enroll in course “Creating Engaging Formative Quizzes in Kahoot” in PD Dashboard.


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