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Teachers can easily create personalised banners for their Blackboard Courses.  You don’t need to use advanced graphics tools to design banners for your courses in Blackboard Learn.  The following post shows you how to quickly and easily create your own course banner.


What you need:

1. PowerPoint

2. Blackboard


If you know how to use PowerPoint and Blackboard, you can follow these three easy steps to create a custom banner with images, text, colors, clip art, etc. on each of your Blackboard courses.  And it is very EASY!

To create your own personalised Blackboard course Banner:

1. Open PowerPoint


2. Go to Page Setup area


(If you are using Powerpoint 2013 go to Design tab 1 > Click on Slide size 2 drop-down arrow > and choose the Custom option)


3. Under the Slide Size drop-down, select Banner.



5.  After you click OK, design your banner with your choice of background colors, designs, text, images, clip art, etc.


Saving your Banner

1. Save your file. [NOTE: Spaces in file names are not recommended when uploading files into Blackboard]

2. In the Save as type drop-down list, choose GIF or JPEG.

Choose GIF if you used clip art or only text.

Choose JPEG if you used photos.


Uploading your Banner to your Blackboard Course

1. Go to the Control Panel of your course in which you wish to add this course banner.


2. Under Customization, click on Teaching Style > Scroll down to Select Banner.



3. Click the Browse My Computer button, select your file, and click Open.


4. Click Submit to add your banner to your course.


5. To view your banner, go to the course entry point for your course. You may need to refresh your browser if the new course banner does not appear.


[Sample Course Banner image]


TIP:  If you prefer to use a different image editing software, a good size for the banner is 600 x 100 pixels at 72 dpi resolution

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