Why technology can’t replace teachers.

by / Wednesday, 29 January 2014 / Published in Ed Tech

No matter how technically savvy a teacher may be, they still need to have the social skills and desire to help their students in order to be a great teacher. There is no app for the social connection between a teacher and their students. This is something we all need to keep in mind when we are planning our lessons and trying to integrate technology. Our focus needs to be on the teaching, not the technology. The teacher who can never remember how to turn on the projector or who thinks Facebook is a book about faces, may be one of the greatest teachers because of their connection with the students. It is how they deal with those technically hindered moments that really counts. Technology should be used to enhance your student’s learning experience, not replace you as a teacher. It also shouldn’t cause chaos in the classroom, which it often times does.

One faculty member made a comment to me during an iPad training session two years ago. He basically stated that technology is getting so advanced these days with the flipped classrooms and online learning environments soon we won’t need so many teachers anymore, we will all be replaced by an online version who can explain the concept better. It made me think and then instantly believe that technology can’t replace teachers. Technology can only help teachers be a more effective facilitator of learning.

Here is a video which explains why technology can never completely replace teachers. Students need teachers to be their champions. As great as all the online courses are and the idea of being able to learn anywhere and at anytime, nothing can replace the psychological value a teacher has in your life. Positivity, encouragement and praise from a human being can not be replicated by a computer. You can get 5 stars in a game or a ‘hooray, you did it!’ after completing an online quiz, but does it satisfy that internal need to be accepted and valued by another human? In my opinion, it doesn’t.

What do you think? Can computers replace teachers at some point in the future?

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