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The Ed Tech Innovations team has mapped these desirable teaching and learning practices onto HCT’s LMS tools (Bb Vista 8 and/or Bb Learn 9.1) to demonstrate the potential of the VLE to enhance teaching and learning practices.


The following examples of good academic practice using e-learning are outlined below to support Policies 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 (refer to Policy GPXXXX document for more information):


Supporting Policies 3.1:

  • Provision of online study guides (in addition to the course outline)
  • Using HCT’s Learning Management Systems’ (Bb Vista 8 and/or Bb Learn 9.x) tools such as ‘Announcements’ and the ‘Calendar’ to remind students of learning outcomes and the learning activities associated with them.
  • Provision of a range of ‘Web links’ associated with learning activities, for example links to discipline-specific web sites
  • Creating / making available online exercises, simulations, past papers / mock questions / model answers
  • Links to e-books and articles in e-journals.
  • Involving students in online discussions / blogs / chat on specific topics
  • Case studies / assignments / wikis for online group work.
  • Online assignment submission
  • Online feedback
  • Online glossary of subject-specific terminology.


  • Variety of online learning resources: graphics, photos, podcasts, video clips, audio clips, links to YouTube (Mashups), links to case studies and simulations.
  • Choice from list of online assignments
  • Choice from range of additional online learning resources.
  • Summary postings by means of the ‘Discussion’ tool
  • Personal ‘Mail’ tool messages
  • Self-assessment quizzes
  • ‘Assignment’ tool grade comments
  • Video / audio recording feedback
  • Use of the ‘My grades’ tool
  • Model answer essay
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).
  • Evaluation questions by means of surveys
  • Personal blog postings that could be shared with the Faculty
  • ‘Discussion’ tool messages to review learning progress
  • Formative self-assessment quiz to ‘deepen’ student understanding on particular topic/s
  • Use of the ‘My grades’ tool so students can reflect on their own progress.


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