Two Ways to Share Course Content

by / Wednesday, 21 March 2012 / Published in Adult Learning

Generally you have two types of courses. Some are all about pushing information out to the learners. And some focus on changing behavior and performance.

Both have their roles in the world of elearning. Performance-based courses are easier to assess because you can measure performance before and after. Information-based courses are a bit more challenging because it’s hard to see whether people use the information if it’s not tied to performance.

Interactive scenarios work well for both performance- and information-based courses. They help learners practice and apply your content. They also help assess the learner’s understanding. By creating an immersive learning environment, learners can explore and make decisions based on the information you want to share.

Tom Kuhlmann’s website on Rapid eLearning Blogs (see link below) shows how to quickly build interactive scenarios using branched navigation. You’ll also learn how to build graphics and other assets that’ll help you create an engaging and nice-looking scenario:

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